A luxury retreat!

Did you ever wondered how it would feel like to stay on a beautiful island, surrounded by virgin rainforests, warm turquoise waters, exotic reefs and pristine white beaches? Do not look further as Song Saa island Resort has everything what you have dreamed of! Song Saa is the first luxury private island Resort in Cambodia with intimate settings where you will lose yourself in the natural surroundings, no stress, only relaxation is the main key.This luxury retreat is nestled in the Gulf of Thailand and is  reachable by  boat, only 35 min away from the port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia.Once arrived at  Song Saa island, you will be amazed by the Song Saa Family, where you will experience their world - class hospitality in every way.  Stay at Song Saa Island for the most unique luxury getaway!

Song Saa (颂萨岛)私人度假村


你曾经憧憬过住在一个风景如画的岛屿上的感觉吗?岛屿四周环绕着原生态热带雨林,环绕着温暖蔚蓝的大海,环绕着奇异的珊瑚礁,环绕着纯天然的白色海滩。不要觉得遥不可及,Song Saa(颂萨岛)岛度假村能满足你所有的梦。Song Saa 岛是柬埔寨一流的豪华私人岛屿度假胜地,得天独厚的环境和人性化的基础设施相得益彰,日出日落、潮起潮落的壮丽与热带雨林的神秘相映成趣,使你很快沉浸在大自然的怀抱,抛弃所有的压力,尽享无尽的放松和释然 奢华、静谧的Song Saa (颂萨岛)坐落在泰国湾,从柬埔寨西哈努克港出发,乘船35分钟就可以到达。

登上Song Saa(颂萨)岛,你就会被岛屿大家庭所感染,你将尽情体验各式各样世界级的款待。

请来到Song Saa 岛,开启您世界上最独特的奢华之旅吧!

Private Pool in the Ocean Villa
Spacious Living room
Song Saa Restaurant
Relax at the pristine beach
Private pool in the villa
Private boat pick up
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