Heaven: Shuanglang 遗失的天堂, 大理双廊

Known for its minority populations, rich culture, and magnificent landscapes, Yunnan Province is the perfect place to go if you want to fully experience the unique wonders of rural China. 




China-Yunnan-Shuhe, Ancient Town Near Lijiang, Xpats Travel
Shuhe Ancient Town near Lijiang
Hiking Track Along Tiger Leaping Gorge, Xpats Travel
Hiking Track Along Tiger Leaping Gorge, photo by Eva Save
One of the boutique hotels
Local Yunan citizen - Xpats Travel
local dress, photo by Patrick Wack
Tasty insect in Lijiang, Eva, Xpats Travel
Tasty insect in Lijiang, photo by Vicky Zhou
Boutique hotel in Lijiang, Xpats Travel
Boutique hotel in Lijiang, photo by Vicky Zhou

Our 9-day tour package gives you and your family a comprehensive look at some of the most beautiful places in the world like they’ve never been seen before; on a sidecar! This thrilling journey will take you through rural minority villages, atop mountains, to the mysterious land of Shangri-La, and alongside the 3rd longest river in the world. Allow yourself to be whisked away in comfort as your guides take you through the “Gateway to Tibet,” on an adventure that you and your loved ones will never forget.  



DAY 1 – Shanghai to Lijiang – (L,D) (40km)


乘坐航班MU5819(07:35am-11:25am),您将在上午12:00左右抵达丽江机场,而后,经过大约45分钟的车程,您将被一家运输服务机构接到白沙古镇的“Chine Chine”,登记入住,在午餐的时候,您的私人导游将和您进行一些关于本次旅行的沟通,接着,您将乘坐老式马车穿越令人惊奇的丽江谷。在这段行程中,您将看到古老的纳西寺,见证玉湖村约瑟夫岩石更早的探索者。然后,您将停在二战时期传说中的飞虎队曾经用过的一个小型机场。最后,您将返回白沙,无拘无束地在古城散步,您可以选择在白沙、束河或者丽江进行晚餐。

You will arrive at Lijiang airport at around 12PM (recommended flight MU5819 07:35am-11:25am). A private transportation service will take you to ‘Chine Chine’ in Baisha, about a 45-minute commute fromthe airport. You will have check-in at your guesthouse followed by a short orientation by your personal guide at lunch. Next, you will ride in a vintage sidecar through the breathtaking Lijiang Valley. On this ride, you will see an ancient Naxi temple and witness the former residence of explorer Joseph Rock in Yuhu village. You will then stop at an airstrip, used by the legendary Flying Tigers during WWII. You will then return to Baisha and take evening walk and dine in your choice of Baisha, Shuhe or Lijiang.


DAY 2 – Lijiang to Dali Old Town – (B,L,D) (200km)

To begin your day, you will jump into vintage jeep and head south to Erhai Lake. Enjoy the magnificent views on your way to the Bai minority village of Xizhou, where you will break for lunch.  You will then travel to Dali, previously the capital of the Nanzhao Kingdom. Here, you will have the option to stay in Dali Old Town or upgrade to a lake-view hotel.



DAY 3 – Dali Old Town to Nuodeng – (B,L,D) (170km)

Head west towards the Cangshan Mountains. You will follow along the remote roads through the minority villages of Yunnan Provence. You will then arrive in Nuodeng, a small village built on a hill that is only accessible by stairs. You will then go to a local temple in Nuodeng, as your guides take your luggage to the guesthouse. Here, you will be able to enjoy hillside village’s renowned salted pork, a dish reminiscent of Nuodeng’s past along the Old Salt Road. You will have the rest of the night to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



DAY 4 – Nuodeng to Shaxi  – (B,L,D) (120km)

You will depart early in the morning in your vintage jeep and drive north along the Pi River. This area is famous for its many span bridges and beautiful river views. You will visit Tongjing Bridge, the largest wooden bridge in Yunnan Province. Shortly after this, you will drive to the the placid village of Shaxi. Go back to the times of Old Tea House Road era on Friday when the town hosts a vibrant regional produce market filled with merchants from the Yi and Bai minorities, all of whom will be clad in their  traditional dress. 





DAY 5 – Shaxi to Shangri-La  – (B,L,D) (210km)

You will need to depart from Shaxi early this morning; you will need time to reach your 1,600m altitude destination! While the temperature may drop as you climb the mountain, the scenery will only get more stunning as you will have a perfect view of the eastern edge of the Himalayas. You will end today’s journey in Shangri-La. Part of geographical Tibet, Shangri-La presents itself as the perfect microcosm of Tibetan culture and cuisine.*

* The optional upgrade to the luxurious bivouac would be scheduled for your first night in Shangri-La.




DAY 6 – Shangri-La – (B,L,D) (25km)

After breakfast, you will have the opportunity to accompany your guide to the restored Songzanlin Monastery.  Songzanlin is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan and is nicknamed the ‘Little Potala Palace’. Later in the day, you can either opt for free time, or take a tour to the Napa Lake. Here, you will get a glimpse of the opulence of Tibetan families as you view their magnificent raised houses on the water.



DAY 7 – Shangri-La to Tiger Leaping Gorge – (B,L,D) (160km)

After breakfast, you will depart from Shangri-La and ascend to your journey’s highest summit at 3,800m before descending by way of the remote mountain roads until you reach your destination of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Witness the breathtaking scenery and the power of the Yangtze River firsthand as you hike through the surrounding trails. Overnight in a hotel at Tiger Leaping Gorge.



DAY 8 – Tiger Leaping Gorge to Lijiang – (B,L,D) (100km)

In the morning, you will continue your journey along the Yangtze River. You will then take a break at the slimmest point of the gorge where you will learn the significance of its name. After some more traveling along the Yangtze River, you will stop for a panoramic view atop the “Temple of the Clouds”.  You will then travel back to Baisha and enjoy your last night in Yunnan Province!



DAY 9 – Lijiang to Shanghai (B)

After breakfast, you will depart to Lijiang airport for your flight. 



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